Sometimes, the close your look, the less you see. And sometimes, a word can change everything, especially if that word is Abracadabra.

Have you ever experience not being heard? Even when you raised your voice higher, even when you yelled, no one turned around. And this made you feel powerless.

It often happens that someone shows us a picture and start excusing: "I know it's not great but if I had a good camera, things would be different". Everyone and I mean everyone has a smartphone. But few of us actually know that we can achieve true visual masterpieces with it.



Participants will watch the comedy called THAT'S AMORE, an atypical theatre performance, built from texts on the same theme: love. Creators have sought for the wisdom and experience of many authors such as Mark Twain, George Toparceanu, Tudor Musatescu, Marin Sorescu, Mircea Cartarescu and so on. The soundtrack is supported live and it's a...



Just imagine how would it be like to win an Academy Award? Whether you're nominated for Best Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor/Actress, you will have to give your best for 5 explosive minutes of moviemaking! Yeah, that's right: you and your team will be shooting a short meter movie, which might turn out to be the best...

Be honest: who's the group creative? Who likes to create and who likes to implement? How quickly can you all get to the same conclusion? Are you a colored bunch or more a black and white handful? We cordially invite you to find out, in the easiest and funniest way possible: T-Shirt Stencil - an urban art workshop that challenges...



It's time for you to take a trip into the world of fiction! We'll teleport you right in the heart of a fictional galaxy, where you'll get the extraordinary opportunity to meet Padme Amidala or C-3PO. The Star Wars saga had a huge cultural impact and dramatically changed the way movies were made. Therefore, the purpose of our workshop is...



We all know that each team has an "internal kitchen" and that a good job always has a secret recipe. We invite you to leave the office for a few hours and discover a magical recipe, in a very relaxing and tasty environment. You can bring along the special ingredients - creativity, teamwork, time and resource management and we'll come...