Come on, admit it: sometimes you buy stuff, just because you liked the commercial. A new fragrance, a kitchen robot, a soda pop and so on. Good, that is the effect of a good story well told. A story told by a professional advertising agency.

Surely you must have asked yourselves who does those amazing commercials and how they do it.

Well, time to find out yourselves, by entering an advertising agency for a day, as full- time creatives!

Get ready for a super-creative program, that will bring the best out of you: humor, teamwork, and limitless imagination!

What do you aim for? Discovering your individual skills and talents and assigning them in the best interest of the team, in order to complete the coolest project: your project!


At the beginning of the program you will receive a creative brief, according to which you will have to deliver a commercial for an unusual product (flip-flops for aliens, guns for grannies etc), in the most surprising and accurate way.

Before you dive in, you will receive proper training from seasoned professionals, who will teach you some basic advertising principles.

Then you will be divided into teams and after you assign roles and complete your task, you will deliver a memorable presentation of your work.

High points for: creativity, respecting the target, brand requirements and other specifics.

DURATION: 3-6 hours

PARTICIPANTS: min.10 - max. 100

TRAINERS: min.6 - max.10