Sometimes, the close your look, the less you see. And sometimes, a word can change everything, especially if that word is Abracadabra.

Since you were a kid, you kept wondering how does the rabbit fit into the hat and how do the cards vanish as fast as you say "hocus-pocus"?

Maybe it's time you find out. Or maybe, it's time you do it yourself, during a super magic workshop, where humor meets magic and improvisation!


We start with a quick tour through the history of illusionism and we continue with a crash course in the mysteries of the most accessible, yet spectacular magic performances.

You will enjoy watching magic tricks repeatedly, after which the tricks will be explained and finally, after you've practiced enough, you'll take the stage and perform them yourself!

You will learn from one of the best performers, who will teach you step by step not only the art of illusionism, but also how to use your charm and improvise while entertaining your friends at a party!

By the end of class, all participants will receive a pack of special magic cards.

MARIUS DRAGUS is a magician, actor and improviser. He was a contestant at famous Romanian TV shows, such as IUmor and Romania's Got Talent, where he was a runner-up and the winner of the prize for originality in 2019.


3 hours


min. 10 - max. 50