Film make-up and prosthetics workshop

If last year you didn't stand in the spotlight for Halloween, now's your chance to do it! What would you say if you'd get to spend a few hours with your colleagues, turning them into zombies, vampires, creatures from the deep blue or from out of space? And them, in return, let them turn you into a horrifying character?

When creativity meets humor and team spirit, sky is the limit! This is the kind of program that will glue you up tighter than the after-work beer or the annual X-mas party! Don't forget, you have a unique opportunity to get the monsters out of you!

You'll be divided into teams and draw a theme. Should it be The Addams Family, Stranger Things, Sleepy Hollow, Corpse Bride, Alien or Predator?

Then, in a certain amount of time, you'll have to apply the most convincing make-up, on each and every team member. Have no fear! A professional make-up artist will be assisting you the whole time.

Then, when you're ready to cause someone a heart attack, a skilled photographer will immortalize the result.

In the end, each picture will receive a mark from 1 to 10 and then, we'll award "the best technique", "the most horrific make-up", "the most creative make-up" and so on.

And after the award ceremony, get ready to party! What? You thought all this fuss would be for nothing?

DURATION: 3 hours

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: min 10 - max. 100 ppl.

TRAINERS: min 2 - max. 6