About Skills Shop

We are a group of new generation trainers and entrepreneurs who organize team buildings, trainings and events, with all complementary services.

Whether you are a small company or a multinational enterprise, with thousands of employees, we'll always be flexible and attentive towards your needs. Our programs are 100% original and subjected to customization, so you can truly achieve your goals. We often created dedicated programs for various companies, according to their demands and challenges.

We can guarantee quality at competitive prices, by completely eliminating the agency fee from your budget.

In our group there are over 20 independent trainers, with extensive experience in rock climbing, stunts playing, acting, directing, photography, journalism, music, literature, personal development and so on.

We are complex, different, enthusiastic and very passionate of what we do. Each time, our results went beyond expectation and our programs speak for themselves.

When it comes to team buildings and trainings, our main objective is to build successful, united and efficient teams. And we do it without power points, presentations or any other boring means of communication. We'd rather go for relaxing and performing some fun exercises, which keep your body and mind busy.

At the end of a program, we declare ourselves fully satisfied when we see your smiles and receive your thanks. We tend to create long term friendships and we try to come up with fresh ideas, at least once in a while.

The Team