Each team is divided in groups, which receive a list of tasks to complete, once at every 20 minutes. When time's up, the score will be calculated according to speed and completion degree of every task.

Passionate about movies? If the answer is yes, the Golden Ticket might just be your ideal program. It's your chance to prove that you can work as a team, when it comes to passions/hobbies, not just daily office tasks. Through this program, we challenge you to a journey in the world of movies, during which you will watch six trailers....

This is a dynamic and fun program with lots of outdoor exercises. The challenges have different scenarios. Along with your mates, you'll have to find the papers with challenges you have to complete.

Have you ever attended an urban treasure hunt! With us you get the amazing opportunity to bond with your colleagues, while discovering a city or resort, in a really entertaining manner.

Let's say you are encouraged to push your limits, be the best in challenges and discover some new inner potential. How can you do all these while having loads of fun?

We invite you into a world of games and imagination that will challenge your strategic thinking.

In the 12th century, Saracens led by Saladin defeat the Crusaders and conquer the Holy City of Jerusalem. The knightly orders are forced to return to Europe, in search of new goals and territories. For a time they wander, fighting for Western kings or for the formation of independent states. Each one of them is trying to build new fortresses...