Aliens have landed at the Romanian countryside! An old man has recently discovered the secret of eternal living! A unicorn took refuge in the capital and Miley Cyrus decided to become a nun!

Such breaking news and no reporter to share them! No camera guy, no editor, no one's around!

Well, people need to know what's happening, so we'll make an exception and hire some fresh blood in our crazy NEWSROOM!

You're next!

"Live" from our studio, comes a highly creative and bombed program, that will bring out the best in you: humor, teamwork, and limitless imagination!

The aim of the program: Discover your talents and assign them properly, in order to make a newscast as never seen before!


No one was born a reporter, so you will be initiated by seasoned media professionals through a super fun "crash course".

After you assign roles, you'll do some field work and live broadcast, and later on edit the material for the evening news.

High points for: diction, accuracy, footage and other essential details.

DURATION: 3-6 hours

PARTICIPANTS: min.10 - max. 100

TRAINERS: min.6 - max.10