Aug 23


This program is ideal for those who want to mix speed, challenge and team communication with physical abilities, intuition and logical abilities.

A true team must be above everything, at all costs. Whether is about the everyday work place or extreme situations, which require team efforts. Ropes Adventure gives you the chance of a higher perspective. For real. The challenge is even greater when members from both teams will have to work together, coordinate and encourage each other and thus...

Usually during a teambuilding, ropes are already set and arranged so you can begin your adventure! DO IT YOURSELF goes the other way around: while trainers are closely watching, you will learn to use the gear and do the job yourself.

More good news for the outdoor lovers! We have designed another sports program which requires loads of team spirit, since challenges are a super combo of communication skills and physical activities. However, if you expect the fittest to win, well then, you're wrong!

Sails, wind, turns, starboard, bow. Sounds like a pirate novel, but it's actually a team building program on Lake Herastrau (or any other lake). And this is the moment when we invite you and your colleagues to come aboard.

Aug 22


Would you like to have the coolest, adrenalin rising experience? Scoop over and try out our special programs, dedicated to water lovers. You can go for the whole weekend or just for a few hours.

This is probably one of the most beautiful challenges, for the bravest of all teams. A live, cave exploration program that will definitely test your limits - from team spirit to time and resource management, up to strategy and self-discipline - simultaneously providing an unforgettable experience for the whole group.

"I really must dream of a horse! Horses bring luck; every time I've dreamed of one, I hit the jackpot! Why is it so hard to dream of horses? Why do they show up so rarely, why are they playing so hard to get? So tonight I plan to dream of a horse, a big, white horse, if possible, or at least a brown, grey or spotted one......