Percussion workshop

We find rhythm in all that surrounds us, starting with out heartbeat. Rhythm creates pure energy inside a group, stimulating our genetically inherited core sensations.

African drums, boom hackers, castanets, tambourines and other percussion instruments will teach you how to work together and suddenly transform you into a united orchestra.

However, the challenge doesn't stop here: we capitalize the cumulated energy, so we can teach and put on stage an epic moment of Haka. The Haka is the traditional Maori warrior dance in New Zealand, adopted by their national rugby team, All Blacks.

So relax and forget about your worries and your strife. This program will surely enhance your non-verbal language and unite you as a team, by stimulating your emotional intelligence. At the end, you'll feel like a true artist, ready to perform a show.


3 hours


min. 10 - max. 50 people