This is a dynamic and fun program with lots of outdoor exercises. The challenges have different scenarios. Along with your mates, you'll have to find the papers with challenges you have to complete.

Hold your breath for every challenge and always take decisions as a group. If you're not feeling a hundred percent fit, you have nothing to worry about, actually. All exercises will be explained by professional trainers and you really don't have to be the star of the gym! However, are absolutely vital: team spirit and full attention. You'll face trials of perspicacity/ finding clues, orientation inside a forest, tree climbing on a rope ladder and crossing trees on a 3 meter high rope.

But surprises don't end here! Your team will have to prove real skill when pulling out various things from the acid lake (an imaginary platform, marked by a set of ropes, without touching its surface and only by using a rope and climbing gear).

At the end of the day, you'll be awarded for high spirits and according to your performances.

And... the "Best Team" and "Best Low Time" go to....?


3 hours


min. 10 - max. 200 people