The table dares you to win!

We invite you into a world of games and imagination that will challenge your strategic thinking.

We are waiting for you with the most popular and interactive board games that stir up your creativity and bring forth your negotiation skills.

The Settlers of Catan was named "Game of the Year" in 1995 and since then, its popularity has constantly ascended. Though it's easy to learn, Catan is one of the most complex strategic projects in the history of board game entertainment. Each participant turns into a Medieval settler, bound to develop new territories as a result of his economic decisions and resources cumulated throughout the game.

Dixit was launched in 2008 and two years later it became the "Game of the Year" in Germany. It's a card game with amazing fantasy images from which the player must choose the right card corresponding to a title/hint suggested by another player. Each player will have the opportunity to become a narrator and then a guesser, by rotation. Dixit stimulates a whole range of abilities, from creativity to reaction speed.

Those are just two of the many amazing board games we can provide. Come and discover them live!

AVAILABLE GAMES: Dixit, Catan, Monopoly, Story Cubs, Trivia, King of Tokyo, Alias, Scrabble, Mafia, Europolis, Dark Stories.... plus Poker with dealer included.


3 hours


min. 10 - max. 100 people