Be a star for a night or be the star of the night!

How would you like to be a star for one day? "Oscar Night" is the kind of party especially created to end the year in a gala-like atmosphere. A glamorous awarding ceremony, from teamwork achievements to recognizing the distinguished personalities who contributed to the astounding victories.

The ceremony very much resembles the spirit of the Oscar awards, for there are many distinctions for distinguished guests.

Your team/department is about to receive about 10-15 personalized awards, followed by speeches filled with fun memories throughout the year. We'll pull out the big guns, such as photos, funny videos, quotes, motivational speeches, special moments - all presented as a movie category award. Each award will be projected on a screen, wrapped in a famous movie theme. The laureates will be challenged to hold a "thank you speech" by the book and will receive, of course, a replica of the famous statue.

PS: Gala outfits required: black tie for gentlemen, evening gowns for ladies. After all, we're going to the Oscars!