Composer for a day

Have you ever thought that you could actually be a music composer for one day? That you could grasp more of the music you listen willingly or accidentally? And how could you understand better than trying it yourself? We have an even better offer: not only that we help you learn its secrets, but we also teach you how to make music.

All of this during our incredible 3 hour workshop, where the universal language of music will help you open up new channels of communication. You'll be amazed to discover that you suddenly have a much better understanding of Bach, Mozart, Enescu and many other contemporary artists.


For an hour and a half, 3 people with a bunch of instruments will try to decipher the theoretic notions of music, in the friendliest way possible. In the other hour and a half, they will actively participate along with their colleagues, in creating a new song with melodic line, rhythm, harmony and obviously, lyrics.

This all works fine due to a revolutionary device which helps us create on spot what would usually take hours, even days, inside a recording studio.

At the end of the workshop, all participants can go home with a recorded and mastered brand new song play.


3 hours


min. 10 - max. 30 people