We all know that each team has an "internal kitchen" and that a good job always has a secret recipe. We invite you to leave the office for a few hours and discover a magical recipe, in a very relaxing and tasty environment. You can bring along the special ingredients - creativity, teamwork, time and resource management and we'll come over with the salt and pepper. We dare you to pull out all aces and cook together the tastiest foods. Maybe one of your creations will bear from now on the company signature.


You will spend 3 hours of your lives, attending 3 challenges. The first one is COOKING a chosen dish, with ingredients provided by us (about two and a half hours).

The second trial is all about LOOKS, in which 4 members of each team will have to prepare a dish for 8 people. The goal is to surprise your colleagues with creativity and imagination, starting from decorations, cutlery, dish arrangements and ending with the start-ups (around half an hour).

The last challenge is a TELESHOPPING attempt, in which you have to show the audience how to cook the dish you just prepared.


4 hours


min. 10 - max. 100 people