"Improv Yourself!" is an improvisation workshop for beginners. Informally, it's a great opportunity for you to discover a fun and exciting new occupation, besides work and daily duties.

This new thing you're about to experiment, can help you develop some new skills which will prove absolutely necessary and extremely useful in various situations.

Here are a few things you'll learn about yourself:

  • You are a spontaneous person, even if you may not think so
  • It's alright to play, even as a grown-up
  • Hearing is one thing, listening is a completely different other
  • Your weaknesses can become your strengths
  • Get ready to hold a presentation in front of a real audience, even if you don't need to
  • It's totally OK to be shy or weird
  • Stay put to discover your funny side
  • Truth can be fun, though first it doesn't seem so
  • Embarrassment can melt away in two steps

About the trainer:

Delia Riciu has been a stage and film actress for 10 years. So far, she has no regrets.

She started as a member of Comedypunctshow Company, and then she co-founded the most popular and only female improvisation company - Trupa Iele. She significantly contributed at the birth of the first Improvisation Theatre in Romania - Recul. She is also a member of Jinx Company.

Year after year, she developed countless projects for corporate events and team buildings, tasting the constant delights of being a trainer. Thus, she has gained meaningful experiences and accomplished herself in top notch workshops with world famous improvisers such as: Sean Cusick, Lisa McQueen, Tim Orr, Andiel Sudik, Tim Paul, Katy Schutte, Liz Peters, Jill Bernard and Dave Morris.