Creative thinking workshop

We can all be creative, for real. Still, saying that "I am not a creative person" can easily turn into a label and worn by many. We often forget how much imagination and creativity hides in small things, such as choosing a mug or writing a birthday card for someone we love.

And so, we discover that we use creativity more often than we think that we don't even realize we're actually doing it. But creativity is a tool. And there are ways to discover, use and enhance it, so we can generate world changing ideas. Or at least ideas that could change our world. And this is precisely why we created this workshop.

We're set to discover together what activates our creativity through a series of self-improvement exercises that bond nicely with advertising and marketing techniques. We'll also find out how hard it is to shape and implement ideas.

The techniques of using and enhancing creative thinking are based on brainstorming. We'll personalize the program according to the team's area of activity so all participants will have a part in it. Then, we'll start implementing our ideas by creating real products, through a series of role play exercises.


4 hours


min. 10 - max. 40 people