Usually during a teambuilding, ropes are already set and arranged so you can begin your adventure! DO IT YOURSELF goes the other way around: while trainers are closely watching, you will learn to use the gear and do the job yourself.

The program starts with an energizer called "Handcuffs". Participants will be bound two by two with "cuffs" made of 50 cm sling. Their task is to figure out a way to release themselves without cutting or tearing off their "cuffs".

In the first stage of the program, we present you the gear, the way to use it and examples of various "workshops": the zip line, rappel, climbing etc. We will tie knots. We will work out pulleys and we will make a climbing rope stair out of wood and sling.

In the second stage, we'll assemble the systems on site. After identifying the right area for all workshops, participants will assemble a rappel, a zip line and a climbing stair. All assembly procedures will be supervised and approved by trainers.

Trust us you'll feel much greater satisfaction when a system used by others is made by you.


6 hours


min. 10 - max. 50 people