Undoubtedly, conspiracy theories fascinate us. But where does reality end and where does fantasy start to emerge? What theories stand and which are the ones that can be easily debunked?

COVID-19: made in a lab or spread out naturally? The Loch Ness Monster: myth or reality? Vaccines: can they really cause autism? Masonry: is it or is it not responsible for the new world order? Pizzagate: human trafficking at the highest level or political denigration campaign? Trump: won the elections for real or got help from his Russian friends?

Those are just a few themes that you are about to debate "to the bone".

Just like in everyday life, you can win this debate if you stand for your cause and deliver a convincing presentation. No matter which side of the river you're on, whether you're part of the pros or the cons team, what matters most are the arguments you present and how you present them.

Attention: This program might contaminate you with new abilities and can reduce stress and shyness level when speaking in public.


You will be divided inti teams and you will each draw a note with a conspiracy theory. Each team will have to deliver the pro or con presentation in a certain amount of time. During this debate, they can present their arguments as creative as possible. May the best ones win!

High points for: originality, arguments, presentation skills etc.

DURATION: 3-6 hours

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: min 10 - max. 60 ppl.

TRAINERS: min. 3 - max. 6