"Improv Yourself!" is an improvisation workshop for beginners. Informally, it's a great opportunity for you to discover a fun and exciting new occupation, besides work and daily duties.

The Courage of "Being" is a self-improvement workshop which teaches you to pay attention to the ones around you, to listen and to cooperate. It also enhances your imagination, spontaneity and expressiveness. You will be surprised to discover that this workshop reveals a yet unlocked side of yours.

We all improvise, whether we need it or not. The games included in the program are meant to reveal your true self, not your ego, through intuitive knowledge. Improvisation doesn't inspire a moral conduct (right/wrong/good/bad) but tries to release from each individual, his or her true nature, by accessing a path to harmony with his/her environment...

Aug 19



"I'm shy but in treatment!" is first of all, an exercise of sincerity and courage. Through this workshop, participants come to discover they have enough inner resources to overcome almost any kind of fear. Those resources are just waiting to be discovered and cultivated.

This is a workshop which speaks with you and about you. About how much importance you give to the outside appearance as an expression of what happens inside.